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Heel Spurs

A heel spur develops as an abnormal growth of the heel bone. They are considered a normal variant of the bone when they are small, well-defined, smooth contours. The plantar fascia is a thick tissue that supports the arch of the foot by connecting the ball of the foot to the heel. When this fascia is exposed to excess pressure, the fibres of the fascia can be pulled away from its origin in the heel bone leading to inflammation (plantar fasciitis) and pain.

Heel spurs are often associated with conditions such as plantar fasciitis and by themselves do not generally result in pain. This exact relationship between plantar fasciitis and heel spurs is not fully known.

Treatment of large heel spurs involves determining what is causing the excessive stretching of the plantar fascia. Your podiatrist will assess your foot type and provide you with treatment options. Some of which may include stretching exercises, wearing a cushioned heel insert or orthotic.

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